In recent years, websites falling victims to hackers has increased exponentially. This can lead to lost sales and a loss in trust of your E-Commerce website and a loss of trust in your brand.

Ozymandias Web Services can help address this for you and fix it before it becomes more of a problem. Contact us on the form below and we will:

  • Identify vulnerabilities to your website
  • Fix these vulnerabilities
  • Upgrade your web hosting to better cope with hacking attacks

If you have been hacked

We can remedy the problem, identify the vulnerabilities that allowed the hack to take place and patch them so that same attack vector cannot be used in future.

We can identify if any data has been stolen and advise you on your legal obligations to your customers and on fixing the problem.

If you have been repeatedly hacked and your existing web development company or internal developers have been unable to help you, we can provide advice on stopping the hacks in future, identifying the hackers and shoring up your internal security, as often these hacks are facilitated by staff or former staff. If you have been hacked, contact us on the form below and we will get back to you ASAP.