Having an un-optimised website is as good as having no website at all!

If your current and potential customers cannot find your website easily, they will go to one of your competitors who has optimised their website.

Ozymandias Web Services are experts who know what search engines like Google or Bing are looking for, what they’ll consider good and what they’ll consider bad.

We optimise the user-experience of your website, from reducing load-times to identifying bottle-necks and drop-offs

Website optimisation improves a website in several ways:

  1. It helps customers to better find your website
  2. It makes your website faster so customers don’t get bored and leave
  3. It makes your website more usable so customers don’t get confused

Though your website may look great, if it is not generating as much business as it should, then it is not serving its purpose. We will help your website serve your company and your customers.

We can speed your website up, remove bloat from your code and fix keywords, alt-text and other bottlenecks so that your website loads within 2 seconds of your customer clicking it.

We are also knowledgeable on tagging the right sections of the right pages so that search engines can more easily read them and give more relevant descriptive texts in their listings. Once we’ve automated this for you, you won’t need to worry about it again (or until search engines change the rules).

Contact us below with your URL and we’ll tell you how we can optimise your website!